“Electrification” for the preservation of the environment.

“Electrification” for the preservation of the environment
The advanced technology of the wiring harness,
assisting the increased use of electrification"

Eco-friendly electrified automobiles that operate without gasoline are increasing in number. The world is paying more attention to the EV (Electric Vehicle), which represents the new trend towards electrification. Cars that run on gasoline will not disappear all at once. However, the huge waves being caused by electrification have the potential to lead to change in the automobile industry, down to its very foundations.

In order to accelerate the trend towards EV, two things were necessary: a larger battery which increases the driving range and a wire harness which feeds on the charge from the battery. Sumitomo Wiring Systems has been gathering the technology for such a harness using what we have learned from car development. Furthermore, along with increasing the size of the battery, we were also faced with the issue of how to maintain the space inside the car. We have however also been working on the technology for a battery wiring module which can easily connect with a cell constructed from multiple layers. For Sumitomo Wiring Systems, who have been gathering the technology for wire harnesses, the arrival of the “EV generation” provides a good opportunity to show that the time for it has come.