Information Security Policy

In the spirit of "Connect with the Best," a fundamental principle of Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (SWS) is to satisfy customers through high-quality activities. To properly protect and control the information assets handled at SWS, we recognize that we need to maintain information security and declare that we promote information security. We established this policy to help our stakeholders who handle information assets fulfill their responsibility for information security.

To improve the quality and productivity of service and products provided to our customers, SWS recognizes threats to information security and aims to prevent the threats.

To cope with incidents and accidents in information security as soon as they happen, SWS controls information security whenever required and aims to enhance information security.

The Information Security Committee, a company-wide committee consisting of the people in charge of each group, promotes SWS's information security control.

SWS regularly holds information security maintenance training for all of our employees and stakeholders who handle our information assets so that each of them can adequately protect the information assets.

SWS clearly defines, documents, and obeys the control measures that are based on executed contracts and laws and regulations related to information security. If they are not obeyed, SWS will apply penalties applicable to employment-regulation violations and other violations.