Components for Wiring Harness

Reliability for Harness Protection, Diverse Functions for Compactness

Harness components used in connecting wires are available in a number of variations to deal with high temperatures, vibration, waterproofing, noise, and other severe conditions to which they are exposed.

High-Frequency Connectors

Connector for coaxial cable for connection between the antenna and on-board multimedia units such as TV, radio and car navigation system.


Achieving the compact structure with high performance by suppressing insertion loss and reflection loss while securing sufficient shielding performance.  Hybrid-type connector for both coaxial cable and electric wire for vehicle, and the connector for circuit boards, are also available.

TS Series Sealed 0.64mm Type Connector

Connectors for connecting signal wires or connecting wires and device which sealed is required for on-vehicle environment. As sealing structure, seal ring is used for connector mating and individual wire seal is used between housing and wire. They can achieve both miniaturization and high reliability.


Achieve both miniaturization and high reliability. These connectors are used in engine compartment, exposed to heat and vibration from the engine, which is regarded as the most severe environment. There are some hybrid connector variations containing power circuits such as 2.3mmⅡ and 4.8mm terminal.

Sealed 153way connector for Engine ECU

PCB header connector mounted on Print Circuit Board in engine control unit.


Miniaturized by using mat seal for wires. Control unit is mounted in engine compartment, so applying strain relief structure to minimize the thermal expansion affect on soldering portion. This results in high contact reliability.

One Motion Grommet

This rubber part assembled with wire harness penetrating through the engine compartment and interior is attached to the dash panel. It is structured to secure water sealing performance by adapting to the sudden bending of the wire harness path in addition to the general function of one-motion attachment to the dash panel. Adapting to the sudden bending ensures handling of wire harness in narrow spaces, contributing to the expansion of interior space.

Properties of One motion Grommet (Wire harness path follow-up type) Manufactured by Sumitomo Wiring Systems

Conventional parts cannot cope with sudden bending of the path, straining the seal shape of the water sealing member which then leads to the sealing material floating away. In order to solve the problem, the wire harness fixed cylindrical part is cut apart to prevent the sealing material from floating away. This secures water sealing performance by coping with the sudden bending of the wire harness path.

Sound Absorbing Part Made By Sumitomo Wiring Systems

This product, for preventing abnormal noise generation owing to interference between the harness and peripheral components, is attached to the part of the harness at which prevention of abnormal noise generation is required. It can be used at parts exposed to water in a similar way to EPDM foam for exterior use as well as urethane foam for interior use.


Made from crosslinked polyethylene material to exhibit a higher level of weather-resistance than current products, ensuring the maintenance of quality and function.
The use of independent foaming structure integrates two kinds of components, which have been selectively used depending on exposure to water, into a single unit.
 Interior use (no exposure to water): Urethane foam,
 Exterior use (exposure to water) : EPDM foam
The use of the crosslinked polyethylene material and the independent foaming structure has achieved thinning and weight reduction while securing the same functions as those of current products.


・ Employed embossed surface pattern (see Figure) which secures easy winding operation to the harness (workability), and flexibility of the harness (assemblability with vehicle) after attachment.

・We determined the thickness suitable for space saving and weight reduction while securing the same functions as those of current products.
Silencing material of Sumitomo Wiring Systems : 2mm,
Urethane foam : 4mm,
EPDM foam: 4mm
[Space saving (thinning)]
Compared to urethane : -2mm,
Compared to EPDM : -2mm
[Weight reduction]
Compared to urethane : -40%,
Compared to EPDM: -83%