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We will meet the expectations of our stakeholders and contribute to the sustainable growth of a whole society.

The Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group consists of approximately 230,000 employees with diverse backgrounds and operates in more than 30 countries worldwide as a single corporate entity. We addressed social issues by promoting CSR activities in addition to business activities based on the “Sumitomo’s Corporate Philosophy,” “Basic Principles of Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group,” and “Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group Charter of Corporate Behavior”. These are also in line with our contribution to social issues raised by the SDGs. Social issues are constantly changing, and we believe it is necessary to promote CSR activities that incorporate social demands. It's also important to consider the perspectives of our stakeholders to fully comprehend these social demands. To respond to various environmental changes occurring as a result of global business expansion, we have the universal concepts of manufacturing and human resource development that the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group cultivated as part of our corporate culture, based on the keywords Professionalism, Teamwork, and Challenge​ of the SWS WAY, the principles of action for the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group. Through our CSR activities, we will build an organization capable of achieving the three ideals of Global Uniform Highest Quality, Trust, Familiarity, and Accessibility, and Living with Local Communities, as well as working towards solving various social issues and increasing corporate value over the medium and long term.

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