CSR Management

Basic Stance toward CSR Activities

Having established the Sumitomo Business Spirit, Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group Basic Principles and Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group Charter of Corporate Behavior as our business philosophy, we are steadily promoting our CSR priorities under the CSR management of the Group as a whole while engaging with our stakeholders.
Furthermore, we will continue to fulfill our social responsibilities and strive to realize the ideal image of the SWS Group while building sound relationships with our stakeholders.

CSR of Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group

We are committed to our eight priorities for CSR activities, including areas that can serve as centers and foundations for sustainable growth, as well as our roles as better corporate citizens, which will enable the SWS Group to realize its ideal image.

8 Priority Items in the Promotion of CSR Activities

The "ideal image" of what the SWS Group wants to become through CSR activities


Globally uniform high quality

Global corporate group that seeks the best quality, no matter where in the world


Trust, Familiarity, Accessiblity

Global corporate group that is trusted by, and familiar and accessible to, the stakeholders


Living with local communities

Global corporate group that is rooted in and lives with local communities

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Policy Issues and Requests Communication Channels
Customers We deliver products and services centered on our core business of automotive wiring harnesses to customers around the world.
  • Providing safe, high-quality products and services
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Providing accurate, timely product information
  • Communication through sales activities
  • Company websites
  • Exhibitions
Employees We strive to provide a positive and vigorous working environment characterized by mutual respect.
  • Providing a workplace where human rights are respected
  • Utilizing diverse human resources
  • Creating a workplace culture that facilitates the balancing of work and family life
  • Building capacity in alignment with career goals
  • Corporate intranet
  • Group newsletters
  • Town meetings
Local communities, NPOs/ NGOs The Group contributes to local community development as a good corporate citizen doing business in various countries.
  • Respecting different cultures and customs, contributing to local community development
  • Preventing accidents and disasters, paying due consideration to the environment
  • Community development activities by employees (both domestic and international)
  • Plant tours, events
  • Regional development, inheritance of traditional arts
Global environmental conservation We conduct business to create an affluent society with full consideration for environmental preservation.
  • Reducing the volume of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting energy saving and recycling
  • Reducing the volume of waste
  • Compliance with environmental regulations by the government, local public entities, and other organizations
  • Environmental conservation activities based on the PDCA cycle
Administrative agencies(central government, municipalities) We conduct business under the jurisdiction of each nation’s administrative agencies, which are also customers for our products and services.
  • Complying with laws, regulations, administrative guidance, etc.
  • Paying taxes
  • Communication through industry organizations
  • Filing various notifications, responding to surveys/questionnaires
Suppliers Recognizing suppliers as valued business partners, we promote openness, fairness, and honesty in all our transactions.
  • Fair and honest transactions
  • Respect for human rights
  • Procurement activities
  • Supplier surveys
  • Global Suppliers Meeting

Relationships with Stakeholders

The Group‘s unchanging basic policy of the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group is to contribute to society through fair business activities based on “the Sumitomo Spirit” and “Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group Corporate Principles.

”Adhering to this basic philosophy, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value of the Group over the medium to long term as well as to steadily return the results to all of its stakeholders as a going concern based on the concept of “Multistakeholder Capitalism” which focusing on contributing to the public benefit and mutual prosperity with all of our stakeholders.

We will share our values and achievements with our stakeholders.

CSR Promotion Structure

We are moving ahead with group-wide activities led by the CSR Committee, established in May 2010 and chaired by the director in charge of general affairs. Functions of the committee include reporting on and reviewing Group activities and providing support and guidance for future development. It also conducts public relations activities and public consultations and reflects related needs and information in action plans.

Initiatives for the SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved worldwide by 2030. Incorporated into the 2030 Agenda adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, the SDGs require that government and nongovernment sectors (companies and individuals) in all UN member states make collaborative efforts toward achieving them from 2016 to 2030. The SWS Group will contribute to achieving them as we endeavor to address social issues through our business activities.

Sustainable Development Goals website