The SWS Group carries out global business operations based on the Sumitomo Business Spirit and the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Basic Principles.

Global Business in Wiring Harnesses for Automobiles

Sumitomo Wiring Systems was established as an electrical wire manufacturer in 1917. Since then it has grown into a global business and a leading company in wiring harnesses for automobiles. Active on the world stage, it has built a solid business foundation by clearly recognizing and adapting to changes in the time and field, using technology cultivated through its experience with electrical wires.
Right now the auto industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift involving factors ranging from changes in automobiles’ relationship with the environment and their role in people’s lives to responses to expanding emerging nation markets. By consistently anticipating future changes and trends, we will push ahead with the development of new products and technologies—always with the customer’s perspective in mind—based on the Connecting Technology that we have built up in our business in wiring harnesses for automobiles.


Sumitomo Wiring Systems is currently working on "22VISION," a medium-term management plan with the final target year of fiscal 2022 and aimed at making the company a "mega-supplier" with wire harnesses as the core product.
To achieve that goal, we have place emphasis on "enhancing our strengths in development and proposals and accelerating commercialization of our products," "improving our global marketing capabilities," and "developing better manufacturing by developing better people" as key topics to pursue, while also promoting activities to further integrate the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group.
We are thus concentrating the group's total strengths to move ahead and connect to our next 100 years.

Connect with the Best

“Connect with the Best,” the SWS Group’s basic principle, is intended to convey our commitment to placing importance on all connections we are associated with, to building trust in these connections, and to establishing outstandingly strong relationships. In addition to the role of connection that our products and technologies play, we are determined to carry out business operations that connect to the future by further strengthening our connection with customers, people, communities, and the world from a market-oriented viewpoint.