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Connect with the Best Technologies Connecting You to the Future

The SWS Group is implementing the medium-term management plan “Vision 2017” where the final target year is specified as fiscal 2017. The target of the plan is to acquire 30% of the global share and become “Global No. 1”. To achieve these, we are promoting specific activities with a theme of becoming the best in the areas of “development capabilities”, “manufacturing capabilities”, and “human resource cultivation capabilities”.

In regard to SWS Group’s business environment toward the achievement of ‘Vision 2017’, we can expect further growth of markets in emerging nations, and expansion of green cars and fuel-efficient cars. In line with that, it is predicted that the socioeconomic structure and market structure will continue to greatly change. It is also predicted that companies in emerging nations will become prominent and global competition will become increasingly intense.

By constantly monitoring the changing times since we were founded in 1917, we have established a firm business foundation and areas based on the “connection technologies” obtained through our wire business. “Customer satisfaction” was the source of our business viewpoint, which has been taken over as the enduring value axis and shared by the SWS Group. Based on corporate capabilities accumulated over the years, the SWS Group will push forward to achieve “Vision 2017” by continuing to develop new products and technologies, and provide services from the customers’ standpoint.

Your continued support and guidance is sincerely appreciated.

Fumiyoshi Kawai
President and Chief Executive Officer, Representative Director