Summary of New Year speech of 2019 (for employees)

January 7, 2019 Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

This year marks the end of the Heisei era and the beginning of a new era. I believe that you have welcomed the New Year with excitement and expectations for the coming new era. Since the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group is determined to continue growing and make a leap forward in the new era as it has always done in the past, I ask for your continued cooperation and commitment.

Since I became president of SWS in April two years ago, I have mentioned my two goals at various occasions: The first goal is to make SWS the most vigorous company worth working for in the world, and the second goal is to make SWS a company that all automobile companies in the world think irreplaceable.

Since I will take the initiative in continuing to pursue these two goals this year, I ask you to commit yourselves to the following three points:

The first request is to address zero injuries with determination, courage, and persistence under the business policy that safety takes precedence over everything else.
To that end, we intend to further spread and strengthen the Safety Activity 3-3-3 Campaign(3S + 3 D+ 3 Rules) and the STOP activity to the extent where they become the culture and climate of the SWS Group.
I ask each and every one of you to aim at the safest workplace in the world = a zero injury workplace with a strong conviction that zero injuries can be achieved and carry out safety activities with determination, courage, and persistence.

The second request is to promote activities that ensure the shortening of lead-time in all departments, including sales and marketing, manufacturing, development, and clerical work.
Once the lead-time is shortened, it will lead to quality improvement, waste reduction, and cost reduction.
I ask you to analyze the current lead-time in own work, visualize waste and problems, such as bottlenecks in shortening the lead-time, and achieve a shorter lead-time by solving the problems and reducing waste.

The third request is to create an airy workplace through bottom-up via top-down to make the company a place worth working for, where every employee can give his/her ability full play.
I believe that a vigorous company is a company where each employee makes ongoing efforts to do a better job and where improvement takes place every day.
To that end, I ask you to focus on "bottom-up via top-down”, assess problems and troubles via Genchi Genbutsu (Go and See), make continuous improvement, and create an airy workplace where employees share problems and improvement ideas.

Public Relations Section, General Affairs Department

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