Contributing to Local Communities

Basic Approach

The SWS Group is expanding its business in overseas as well as Japan. We recognize that global society consists of a world in which all living beings including people coexist and prosper in partnership with a nurturing environment, and we seek to contribute to this society by achieving success and prosperity through our worldwide business. Keenly
aware that we are a member of society, we will help develop local communities as a corporate citizen and actively engage in social contribution.

Promoting Social Contribution

The SWS Group operates in 31 countries with about 230,000 employees around the globe. We call upon every employee to actively participate in addressing community concerns. We are committed to becoming a company that is highly valued in each location by encouraging all our employees to contribute to addressing social issues in those communities while also improving their work-life balance. We use SWS Group newsletters to share the details of our social contribution and exchange information with employees. The company intranet also provides information on the women’s rugby team, PEARLS, which the SWS Group supports.

Our Social Contribution

As part of its community-based business activities, our group conducts a variety of social contribution activities in Mie Prefecture, the location of our head office, as well as in other areas where we have offices. We worked to expand sports for the visually impaired through SS Ping Pong, an adaptation of Sound Table Tennis game for the visually impaired, which originated in Mie Prefecture. As well as other sports like Boccia, and by donating goods and lending assistive vehicles free of charge.

The 3rd Sumitomo Wiring Systems Cup SS Ping Pong Championship

Tournament 2019 Sumitomo Wiring Systems Cup

Representative Initiatives


Supporting Pediatric Cancer Patients by Recycling Caps

Since 2016, Autosistemas de Torreón S.A de C.V. has been promoting the recycling of plastic caps at all its plants four times a year, with about 3,000 people, or half of all employees, participating. The collected caps are sent to the local charity organization Destapa una Esperanza and used to help children with cancer undergoing treatment at their own homes or in the hospital. This project was started by the company voluntarily, and it has received many messages of gratitude from Destapa una Esperanza and the local community.


Contributing to the community through mangrove planting activities

Sumitomo Wiring Systems Batam Indonesia received a letter of appreciation from a local conservation organization (KTHS) for its tree-planting activities in the neighboring Sombran area as part of its community contribution activities, with the aim of preserving mangroves. About 80 employees participated in the activity and planted about 1,000 mangrove trees on the neighboring land, which had been cleared and prepared over several days prior to the event.
About 80 employees participated in planting about 1,000 mangrove trees and 100 fruit tree seedlings.


Contributing to Improving Hygiene in Local High Schools by Donating Toilets

Every year since fiscal 2017, Sumidenso Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been donating toilets to schools in Hai Duong Province. In fiscal 2019, toilet construction at KeSat high school in the Binh Giang region was completed, followed by
an inauguration ceremony in December 2019. The ceremony was attended by company executives, school officials and about 100 students. After speeches from representatives of the company and school, employees explained to the students how to use the toilet. The company’s effort has been broadcasted on the radio and shared throughout the region, with local governments also expressing their appreciation.


Participating in Volunteer Repair Work for a Local Elementary School Building

SEWS-Automotive Wire Hungary Ltd. painted the only elementary school building in its area. We consulted with the school, purchased the necessary equipment, and had employees paint the building. This project came about through the company's research into contributing to the local community through engagement with local organizations and groups. We received a letter of appreciation from the elementary school and we posted photos and information of the activities to social media.


Supporting a Social Participation Promotion Event for Persons with Disabilities

Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Thailand) Ltd. participated in an event organized by the Association for the Physically Challenged in the Nikompattana area of Rayong Province on International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In addition to providing financial support for the event, the company also organized vocational training, recreational activities, and gift donations to people with disabilities. These activities help promote social activities for people with disabilities and encourage mutual understanding between people with disabilities and able-bodied people.


Fundraising Campaign to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Due to the spread of COVID-19 in Wuhan, Hubei Province since the end of January 2020, the local government of the region where Jiang Xi Wiring Systems Co., Ltd. operates has been working to prevent further spread. A fundraising
campaign was conducted inside the company to support this effort by the government through a mobile app instead of receiving cash in person for protecting the participants from possible infection. A total of 20,000 yuan was donated to Hubei Province from 558 people, representing nearly every employee. The company got an award recognizing the effort and also received a message of gratitude from Hubei Province and the Chinese Red Cross Society through social media.