1917 February

Founded Tokai Electric Wire Works to start manufacturing and sales of bare wires and shielded wires

Yokkaichi Station in the Meiji era The company at the time of its foundation

1917 December

Reorganized the works and founded Tokai Electric Wire Co., Ltd.

Charter of foundation Registration of company mark

1931 October

Entered into technology and capital alliance with Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works (now Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)

Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works  

1957 September

Started production of wiring harnesses for buses made by Kawasaki Kokuki Kogyo K.K.

1959 February

Started production of wiring harnesses for two-wheeled vehicles


1959 May

Completed the special works for wiring harnesses and started operations

Assembly Taping harnesses


Started production of wiring harnesses for three-wheeled vehicles


Started production of wiring harnesses for four-wheeled vehicles and equipment

Assembling wiring harnesses for four-wheeled vehicles  

1965 July

Opened Sayama Works that operated as a service station for automakers in the Kanto region

Sayama Works  

1967 February

Merged with Izumi Electric Wire Co., Ltd. and opened the Sakai Plant

Company logos of Izumi Electric Wire / Tokai Electric Wire

Opened Suzuka Plant, Tokyo Branch and Osaka Branch

1968 March

Completed communication cable works in Suzuka Plant  

1970 March

Opened the Osaka Plant and relocated the Sakai Plant

Building Osaka Plant  

1973 September

Opened the Nagoya Branch


Completed and introduced Tokai-style kanban methods

1977 May

Completed the works for high-voltage noise-prevention wires for automobiles at the Suzuka Plant

1978 August

Established a corporation in Brazil, the first overseas corporation

1978 October

Completed Research Hall 1 at the Suzuka Plant

The first research hall  

1979 August

Completed the wiring-harness component works at the Suzuka Plant

Completed extension to component works  

1984 March

Completed the headquarters office

Headquarters building  

1985 April

Changed the trade name to Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

Company flag  

President Komatsu announcing the company name change

1986 November

Listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange

President Shimizu greeting at the Nagoya Stock Exchange  

1990 July

Acquired 100% ownership of LUCAS SEI WIRING SYSTEMS LTD. and changed the name to Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems (Europe) LTD. (SEWS-E)


Started production of electronic units


Established Harness System Technologies Research, Ltd. jointly with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (now AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd.)

1997 October

The Suzuka Plant obtained the first ISO 14001 Certification in the group


Completed the radio frequency anechoic chamber at the Suzuka Plant

Radio frequency anechoic chamber  

1999 June

Completed the Suzuka Technical Center at the Suzuka Plant

Suzuka Technical Center  


Opened the Business Development Office for Electronic Modules to expand the electronic module business

2001 March

Established SEWS-CABIND S.p.A. in Italy. Acquired the wiring harness business from Cabind Automotive S.p.A. to begin full-scale operations in Italy


Started structural reforms to rebuild the domestic production system and focus on the car business

2002 July

Acquired the wiring harness business from Calsonic Kansei and purchased stocks in Kyohritsu Hiparts

2004 July

Withdrew from the power line business which had continued since the foundation of the company

2004 November

Purchased stocks in Kyungshin Industrial in Korea


Developed under-floor pipe harnesses for hybrid cars.

Under-floor Pipe Harnesses  

2005 February

Incorporated a two-headquarters system consisting of the Yokkaichi Headquarters and Tokyo Headquarters

Yokkaichi Headquarters Tokyo Headquarters

2005 June

SWS WAY released.

2006 March

Took over Volkswagen Bordnetze GmbH in Germany and established Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH (SEBN)


2006 May

Completed the technical center at the Yokkaichi Headquarters

Yokkaichi Technical Center (Building E, north side)  

2007 August

Delisted stocks from the Nagoya Stock Exchange through a stock swap with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

2008 April

12Vision (08-12 year middle management plans) starts.

2008 July

Established SE Wiring Systems Egypt S.A.E in Egypt.

2008 September

Established SE Bordnetze Tunisia S.A.R.L. in Tunisia.

2009 June

Moved Head Office(Tokyo) to Shibaura.

2010 November

Developed an automotive low-voltage wiring harness using aluminum wires.

Aluminum Wiring Harnesses  

2012 April

17Vision (13-17 year middle management plans) starts.

2013 January

Moved Head Office(Tokyo) to Akasaka.

Head Office(Tokyo)  

2013 May

Moved Head Office function to front of Yokkaichi Station on the Kintetsu Line.

Head Office(Yokkaichi)  

2017 December

The 100th anniversary of our founding


2018 April

22VISION(18-22 year Mid-term Management Plan)starts.

2020 October

SWS WAY revised.


2023 April

30VISION(Mid-term Management Plan 2025)starts.