Charter of Corporate Behavior

Based on the Sumitomo Business Spirit and the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group's Basic Principles, the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group shall contribute to the progress of the sustainable global community through business prosperity and continuous growth, and aim to be a business entity trusted by international society and stakeholders.
We, the executives and employees of the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group, shall regard the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group Charter of Corporate Behavior as specific guidelines, and conduct ourselves in accordance with the Charter to fulfill these corporate principles.

  • 1. Provision of excellent products and services

    We shall provide excellent products and services that are socially useful and safe to satisfy customers in all aspects including quality and costs.

    • 「SE+We shall pursue provision of products and services that satisfy customers in all aspects of SE + QCDD.
    • We shall strive to establish the system where we can quickly and adequately cope with any risks that may occur during business activities, such as natural disasters, incidents or accidents.
  • 2. Development of new, original business and products

    We shall devote ourselves to developing new, original, profitable business and products by understanding the customers' needs and demonstrating our surpassing creativity.

    • We shall constantly explore the customers' needs, then develop and present proactive suggestions to quickly meet their needs.
  • 3. Global business expansion, and growth and development of the Group

    We shall always engage in business from a global point of view, and strive for continuous growth and development of the Group, fully utilizing the dynamism of our group management.

    • We shall promote business activities from the best viewpoint for the entire group.
    • We shall promote quick and accurate global information sharing.
  • 4. Consideration for global environment

    We shall act in a voluntary and proactive manner for global environment preservation, and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society.

    • We shall promote the development of products, technologies, and production engineering that can reduce the environmental load.
    • We shall comply with environmental regulations, implement environment preservation plans, and promote environmental preservation activities through exchanges with local communities.
  • 5. Observance of laws and regulations

    We shall strictly observe domestic and international laws and regulations, and always act fairly and openly.

    • We shall observe anti-bribery regulations in each nation, and maintain an honest and fair relationship with government agencies and public authorities.
    • When exporting products or technologies, we shall implement appropriate procedures and management, complying with laws and regulations in each nation.
    • We shall appropriately use or manage confidential information (e.g. own or a third party's management/technical information), tangible/intangible assets, and personal information.
  • 6. Fair and appropriate business activities

    We shall promote fair, transparent, free competition and legitimate trade.

    • We shall observe competition laws in each nation, and compete fairly and freely.
    • We shall select our business partners fairly and impartially based on the principle of competition, and provide candidates with equal opportunities, regardless of their nationality and size.
  • 7. Action with awareness as members of society

    We shall act with awareness as members of society to create a better society, and make great contributions to society.

    • We shall take a strong stand against any antisocial forces or groups that threaten public order and security.
    • We shall implement social contribution activities, aiming at coexistence with society.
  • 8. Harmony with international society

    We shall aim to be a global company trusted by international society.

    • We shall respect the cultures and customs in each nation or region, and contribute to the development of the economy and society.
  • 9. Establishment of pleasant working environment and cultivation of personnel

    We shall protect human rights, respect individuals, make an effort to create a bright and energized working environment, and stimulate the personal growth of each individual.

    • We shall strive to provide a working environment where employees can work in a safe and healthy manner.
    • We shall respect employees' diversity, personality, and uniqueness, and support their career development or competence development leading to self-fulfillment.
    • We shall not discriminate against employees, and handle their wage, working hours, and other working conditions lawfully and fairly.
    • We shall not use or tolerate any forced or child labor.
    • We shall recognize our employees' right to associate or right not to associate, complying with laws and regulations in each nation.
  • 10. Appropriate information disclosure and promotion of communication

    We shall strive to build and develop a trusting relationship with communities through appropriate information disclosure and promotion of communication.

    • We shall appropriately disclose our corporate information for our stakeholders.
    • We shall strive to promote communication with communities through public relations, public hearings etc.