SWS WAY is the action principles for Sumitomo harness business. The SWS Group's more than 200,000 employees will contribute to the next-generation mobility society through the practice of the SWS WAY, and aim to realize a sustainable society.


    We take pride in our work. We have the motivation to continually grow and the drive to continually deepen our skills and knowledge. We also proactively develop the next generation. Putting the customer's point of view front and center, we act with sincerity, strong will, passion, and a sense of responsibility.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We endeavor to the needs of our customers. Using our advanced technical skills, we strive to provide value through our products and services to generate high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Honesty & Integrity

    Diligent, serious-minded and in compliance with laws and regulations, we consistently put our heart into doing what is clearly right.

  • Pride in what we do

    As a proud member of a top company in the harness industry that contributes to customers, global society and fellow employees, we are committed to taking action on a daily basis that further deepens such feelings of pride.


    While sharing in a sense of common purpose and goals, we carry out our roles and responsibilities as a unified team. While we do what is expected in each of our roles, we do not hesitate to pitch in to provide a helping hand for the team in the pursuit of achieving results.

  • Mutual communication

    We engage in active dialogue through the exchange of information that is needed by others to engender mutual understanding and satisfaction as the basis for strong trusting and respectful relations. We endeavor to simply gather up accurate information to convey to others in an easy-to-understand manner. 

  • Accountability & Cooperation

    We recognize that taking responsibility within our individual roles is just a starting point for enjoying achievement together as an organization. Each of us proactively provides a helping hand and works across the organization with others whenever needed.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    We respect the range of ideas that flow forth from the diversity of our people. Regarding each other's unique character as a strength, we aim to achieve maximum results as one team where each person is free to express themselves in word and action.


    We are tenacious in our endeavor to stay abreast of changes on the horizon and face the challenge of producing continual improvements and innovation. We actively support each other to embrace these challenges and likewise encourage growth through such experiences.

  • Forward thinking

    Being sensitive to the winds of change, we quickly take heed of the risks and opportunities ahead. We are proactive at the current time in order to shape a positive future.

  • Learning from experience

    Without the fear of failure, we put our all into doing what’s possible to achieve challenging goals. Even if we experience failure, we embrace the opportunity to draw out the root causes, and add another chapter to the annals of continual improvement. Then we can encourage actions.

  • Ambition & Perseverance

    We remain persistent in the face of adversity and never leave a job half-done.