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Issued on July 24, 2014
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

Notice of construction of chassis dynamo experiment building

Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (SWS) (Head office: Yokkaichi City,Mie Prefecture, President: Osamu Inoue) will construct a new experiment building with a radio wave darkroom and chassis dynamo experiment equipment on the premises of the SWS Suzuka Plant. Prior to commencing this project, we will today sign the Site Agreement with Mie Prefecture and Suzuka City.

The automobile industry, including SWS group's primary customers, have been promoting development while pursuing environmental friendliness, safety, and convenience and comfort of automobiles, focusing on development of environment-friendly vehicles like electric vehicles, systems that achieve and support safe driving, and software/hardware that improves communication functions within and outside a vehicle. As a result, further improvement in speed, function and reliability are required for electronics products and communication technologies.

For the SWS Group to promote product development that satisfies our customers' expectations in these circumstances, it has become important to verify and strengthen product reliability from the planning phase of the customer's vehicle development, and make suggestions in regard to our wiring harnesses and electronics products through which high-voltage and high-current electricity runs in the high-capacity information communication environment.
Considering this, we have decided to construct this experiment building so that we can establish technologies to evaluate various events and performance in an actual vehicle running state, and reflect the customers' needs at the earliest possible time to promote strategic and suggestive concept-in activities.

A radio wave darkroom will be installed in the experiment building to alleviate interference or diffusion of electromagnetic waves, and the chassis dynamo experiment equipment will be installed in this room, where a vehicle running state can be reproduced. We believe that this will enable us to evaluate control performance and the soundness of in-vehicle electronic systems in the vehicle running state, leading to product development in a shorter period while building high reliability.

The SWS Group will continue to globally promote product development in response to our customers' trust, toward the achievement of the medium-term management plan Vision 2017.

Planned construction site SWS Suzuka Plant(1820, Aza Nakanoike Mikkaichi-machi Suzuka City Mie Pref.)
Total investment 1,900 million yen
Investment details Building, radio wave darkroom, chassis dynamo and other experiment equipment
Building structure Steel-frame two-story building
Gross floor area 1,638 m2
Commencement of construction March 2015
Completion of construction August 2016
Commencement of operation October 2016
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