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April 3, 2017

President Fumiyoshi Kawai

Summary of Greetings from President to New Employees

In 2017, Sumitomo Wiring Systems will celebrate its 100th year in business. We're working to become "Global No. 1" in the wiring harness industry in 2017 through our medium-term management plan, "Vision 2017." I'd like you to harness all your youthful energy to help us achieve the targets of "Vision 2017."

I have three things to ask of those of you just starting your adult working life at SWS:

1. Be a reliable person.
Business needs teamwork. You'll work with a lot of people, your senior workers and bosses, to deliver results. To make this happen, you have to create good relationships in which you trust your partners and they in turn trust you. Only those who can be relied upon can provide quality products and highly value-added work.

2. Be a person who can work globally.
Already we produce, develop, and sell products in 33 countries in addition to Japan. I'd like all employees, including you, to become truly world-class people who will expand our businesses in the future. By "world-class people" I don't just simply mean those who can use foreign languages to do business overseas but also mean those who respect and share other people's sense of value at home and abroad, and acquire the abilities so that you can consider matters from a global point of view. In other words, becoming world-class people means that you acquire a broad range of common sense while understanding the culture and history of each country, in addition to master a foreign language as a communication tool. I hope all of you will soon be active as world-class human resources at the front line of your field.

3. Set yourself goals.
As the business environment around us changes quickly, it's becoming more and more critical for individual employees to keep up with the latest knowledge and technologies. I'd like you to improve yourselves setting high goals so that you acquire capabilities and skills that make a difference outside the company as well. We're committed to helping you grow your capability but fundamental to this is the desire for self-improvement. I believe continuous efforts made by each one of you will in turn add to our organizational power and will eventually take the whole company to a higher plane.

Please keep yourselves fit both mentally and physically. I really hope all of you will develop into leaders of SWS in the future. Thank you very much.

For your reference:
On April 1, SWS will welcome 110 new employees for career-track positions, consisting of 24 for administrative jobs and 86 for technical jobs, and 70 new employees for non-career track positions, consisting of 41 for administrative/technical jobs and 29 for engineering jobs.