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Issued on February 12, 2014
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.

Completed construction of new Data Center and started full-fledged operation

Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (SWS) (Head office: Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, President: Osamu Inoue) launched the construction of the new Data Center as part of enhancing the Business Continuity lan (BCP) for the SWS Group information network. The opening ceremony was held on February 10, and full-fledged operation started.
More than 250 servers are installed in our Data Center, centralizing our information network. For example, it centrally controls the backbone system and data that supports SWS Group?s global business activities, and connects 200 bases in Japan and overseas via the network.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake, risk measures for the information network have been enhanced as a result of reviewing the BCP. In addition to this, the capacity of the existing Data Center needed to be expanded to cope with the business expansion of the SWS Group. In response to this, construction of the new Data Center was launched in March 2013, and full-fledged operation has started from this month.
The new Data Center features enhanced infrastructure, such as a robust building with a seismically isolated structure, redundancy of uninterruptible power systems and increase in emergency power generator capacity. The Data Center also features the most advanced environmental facilities from an energy saving viewpoint. For example, high efficiency air conditioners are installed in the server room to precisely control the temperature and humidity.
High level security is achieved by multistage security level settings, IC card and biometric authentication when entering or leaving the building, and surveillance cameras. This ensures high reliability and safety.
In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have placed more emphasis on risk measures. In addition to the construction of the new Data Center, our head office operations were transferred (May 6, 2013). We will continue to place more emphasis on risk measures and BCP enhancement, with the involvement of SWS group companies.



Location Mie Prefecture
Principal use Data Center, offices, meeting rooms and others
Structure 5-floor steel-frame, seismic isolated structure
Total construction cost Approx. 1,900 million yen
Site area 1,500 m2
Floor area 3,500 m2
Commencement of work Mar-13
Completion of work Dec-13

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