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Wiring Harnesses

Running throughout the entire vehicle, automotive wiring harnesses relay information and electric power, thereby playing a critical role in "connecting" a variety of components. They make up a circulatory system, comparable to the main arteries and central nerves in the human body. As cars continue to include ever more advanced functions, their component parts increasingly require electronics to save space and meet other requirements. Experts at efficiently designing and configuring complex circuits, Sumitomo Wiring Systems creates wiring harnesses that contribute tremendously to the development of car manufacturers around the world.

Aluminum Wiring Harnesses

Replacing copper with aluminum as the wiring material allows us to greatly reduce the weight of components while maintaining high reliability. The development of new aluminum alloys suited for automotive wiring harnesses has allowed us to overcome a number of technical problems.

Optical Harnesses

The evolution of the car as a "mobile information terminal" has resulted in ever more functions being demanded of wiring harnesses. That goal is being realized with optical harnesses.
Use of optical fiber as the transmission medium enables high-speed transmission of video, audio, and other data-intensive content.

Wiring Harnesses for Slide Doors

Used in sliding doors for mini vans and other vehicles, these supply power to electric components inside the door, regardless of whether it is open or closed.

Antenna Harnesses

These harnesses are used with antennas used in receiving radio, TV, and GPS transmissions. We also develop and manufacture the high-frequency connectors (HFC) used in connecting these antennas.

Speed Sensor for Wheels

Speed sensors placed at each wheel transmits the speed at which the wheels revolve, information that allows the brakes to adjust properly and prevent the vehicle from slipping when the brakes are suddenly applied.