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Other Harnesses

Other Harnesses

Wiring harnesses are incorporated in a variety of electronics and electrical devices, "connecting" components by sending electric power and signals among and between them. Fully leveraging the expertise we've acquired in the automotive field, we develop and manufacture products for others as well.

Wiring Harnesses for Two-wheeled Vehicles

These harnesses handle the need to counter the more extreme conditions found with two-wheeled vehicles, with even greater waterproofing, resistance to engine vibration, and other capabilities.

Wiring Harnesses for Equipment

These wiring harnesses are for use in copiers and printers. We also develop and manufacture harnesses used for carrying electric power and data in OA equipment.

Wiring harnesses for agricultural machinery

Used for agricultural machinery, such as tractors, combines and rice planters. Electronic control systems for agricultural machinery are mounted on wiring harnesses, and their appearance configuration resembles that of wiring harnesses for automobiles. Notable points that differ are the waterproof measures are taken to withstand high-pressure washing, and the entire harness is covered with protective components. Rodent damage prevention measures are also taken depending on the product.