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Products for EV/HEV/PHEV

New Technologies Used in Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles

Sumitomo Wiring Systems is aggressively working on developing technologies with "environment" as the keyword. One manifestation of this can be seen in our products for increasingly common electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. We offer a line of original products to meet our customers' needs.

Under-floor Pipe Harnesses

Hybrid vehicle harnesses must be resistant to the high temperatures and electromagnetic noise produced with high voltages and electric currents. Along with solutions to these technical challenges, we are also developing features that protect the harnesses from various forms of shock.

Motor Cable

This high-voltage cable connects the inverter with the motor. It is designed to withstand voltages exceeding 200 volts as well as currents far higher than seen in gasoline-powered vehicles.

Charging Connectors

This connector is used in charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles at home. We have developed and are using terminals that can handle over 10,000 cycles of repeated plugging and unplugging.

Junction Block for High Voltage

This product centralizes the junctions for circuits sending high-voltage, high-current power to the hybrid vehicle's systems and places them all in one box. While functioning as a central connection for these circuits, it also includes relays, current sensors, and other related components.

Bus Bar Module

This power supply component can furnish electric power, in a single surge, to the motor solenoid coils used in hybrid vehicles.

Heat Resistance Wires

This wire's coating has been strengthened at the molecular level to provide increased heat resistance. The wire is also capable of withstanding the large currents used in hybrid vehicles.