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Electronic Components That Command Vehicle Functions

While naturally functioning as a means of transport, more recently cars have come to include navigation systems as well as audio and other entertainment functions. We are actively developing a variety of electronic components required for car electronics, with many superior products to choose from.

Electronics Control Unit

This unit, which controls the vehicle's onboard devices, can be likened to a control tower or the vehicle's brain. This integrated component also enables smart entry systems, doing away with the need for any key.


The ECU in a car controls operations while exchanging information with other ECUs. The gateway functions as a communications base, mediating and coordinating the exchange of information among the several dozen ECUs.

Junction Block

Containing relays, fuses, and other components, this unit centralizes connections for the vehicle’s electrical circuits and thus supports the overall control of the electronics.

Relay Box

The rising use of automotive electronics is being accompanied by a rapid increase in circuit-switching relays and fuses. This product packs these components into a concentrated unit.

Power Distributor

Incorporating LAN functions, this product packs the relays used for output signals in operating the vehicle's various systems into a concentrated, compact unit.

Heater Control Panel

This unit is user-friendly, with air conditioning controls and indicators as well as a security alarm indicator. Built-in microprocessors also help regulate the vehicle's interior air conditioning.