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Harness Components


In their role of connecting wires and cables within vehicles, connectors must function in environments with extreme temperature variations, vibrations, water, electromagnetic interference, and other conditions. And with the greater incorporation of information technology, we have developed diverse configurations of connectors and other components that connect wires to GPS, TV, and other wave receiving devices.

Shielded ConnectorsHigh Frequency ConnectorsModule Connectors

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Wires for Automobiles

Wiring harnesses consist of various wires bundled together, with each individual wire responsible for carrying the electric signals and energy used in starting the engine, lighting, meters, and other devices in the vehicle.

Wires for AutomobilesISO-PVC WiresAluminum Wires

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Exterior Equipment

In addition to clamps for securing wiring harnesses to the vehicle and convoluted tubes and protectors used for protecting the harnesses, grommets are used in sections of the body where the harnesses pass through, protecting harnesses while keeping out water, dust, and other substances.

Convoluted TubeSimple Protection NetGrommet

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