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CSR Reports2011 (Download the whole PDF file) PDF file[PDF 2.1MB]
Contents PDF file[PDF 0.2MB]
Message from the President PDF file[PDF 0.08MB]
Company Overview and Product Outline PDF file[PDF 0.4MB]
Feature For the Future, For the Earth,Thailand CSR-Activity PDF file[PDF 0.6MB]
CSR Management PDF file[PDF 0.07MB]
Strengthening and Promotion of the Governance System PDF file[PDF 0.08MB]
Strengthening of the Compliance System PDF file[PDF 0.1MB]
Development, Strengthening and Promotion of the Risk Management (BCP) System PDF file[PDF 0.1MB]
Health and Safety PDF file[PDF 0.1MB]
Quality Control PDF file[PDF 0.1MB]
Global Environmental Conservation PDF file[PDF 0.1MB]
Creation of Vigorous and Lively Workplace PDF file[PDF 0.1MB]
Contribution to the Local Communities PDF file[PDF 0.1MB]
Questionnaire PDF file[PDF 0.2MB]
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