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CSR Management


The “ideal image” of what the SWS Group wants to become through CSR activities

  • Global corporate group that offers globally common best quality
  • Global corporate group that is trusted by and familiar and accessible to the stakeholders
  • Global corporate group that is rooted in and lives with local communities

Priority Items in the Promotion of CSR Activities

We are committed to our eight priorities for CSR activities, including areas that can serve as centers and foundations for sustainable growth as well as our roles as better corporate citizens, which will enable the SWS Group to realize its ideal image.

Priority Items in the Promotion of CSR Activities image

CSR Promotion Structure

We are moving ahead with activities led by the CSR Committee, which was established in May 2010 and is chaired by the director in charge of general affairs. The committee’s activities include conducting public relations and public consultations. The needs and information obtained from these activities are reflected in the action plans.

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