Global Environmental Conservation

Basic Approach

Basic Principles

The Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group shall implement business activities to create an affluent society with full consideration for environmental preservation.

Environmental Preservation Action Guidelines

  1. (1)Make efforts to develop and improve eco-technology (also known as “green engineering”) in every field of product planning, development, design, manufacturing methods, production, logistics, usage and disposal aiming at product manufacturing, with consideration given to influence on ecosystems and protection of resources.
  2. (2)Determine self-imposed restraints to reduce impact on the environment, in addition to observing environmental regulations by the government, local public bodies and other organizations.
  3. (3) Conduct an environmental audit to check the progress of environmental preservation plans and job performance levels in order to maintain and improve the level of environmental management.
  4. (4)Improve environmental awareness in the Sumitomo Wiring Systems Group, including overseas sites, and promote environmental preservation activities through communication with local communities.

Promotion System