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CSR News Back Issues

February 2, 2011

Certification of Environmentally-Friendly Products Nos. 12 to 16

From April to October 2010, we certified environmentally-friendly products Nos. 12 to 16. No. 12 was an Oil-Immersed Connector for Transmission that uses less resources, No. 13 was an Ecology Waterproof Terminal that reduces regulated chemicals, and Nos. 14 to 16 were a Sophisticated Lightweight Fuse Box, an Aluminum Harness, and a Radiofrequency Connector for Radio that use less resources and save energy.

Oil-Immersed Connector for Transmission A connector for AT transmission that simplifies traditional complicated terminal lock structure and improves wiring workability. It is thinner and lighter to save resources.
Ecology Waterproof Terminal A product that waterproofs wiring harness ends. The resin filling in the cap is made from components that have less impact on the environment all the while keeping the performance of traditional terminals.
Sophisticated Lightweight Fuse Box It features major improvements in functions and significant weight reduction. With its optimum layout, it greatly helps to reduce wiring harness weight.
Aluminum Harness In the Aluminum Harness, most wires are replaced with newly developed aluminum wires as opposed to conventional wiring harnesses, which are usually manufactured using copper wires. Using aluminum wires greatly reduces harness weight.
Radiofrequency Connector for Radio Used for car audio systems, this connector is made significantly lighter by using more resin components. Its structure helps to improve workability in addition to reducing its weight.